Re-building is Bliss

2 Sep
Ethnic Art Installation

The Welcoming "Buddha"

The reopening of the lot at 901 N. 4th Street could not have been more blissful…cheesy right? But there is nothing cheesy about the architecture and design at the recently opened bliss rebar.

Some notable design concepts:

  • Urban design focus with twists of industrial accents and architecture.
  • Exposed kitchen in dining area with simple art installations and open ceilings, creating an intimate, friendly atmosphere.
  • Comfortable outdoor dining and bar area with ethnic inspired art fixture in the entrance.
  • Outdoor bar design mixes in nature with the industrial theme to create an artistic outdoor bar experience.

I met with Part-Owner Kevin Kelly about the concept behind the bar/restaurant duo and he explained how a mix of ideas and influences brought about this urban design.

“The bar space used to be a welding school,” says Kelly. “An artist came in and made the big sculpture on the patio and from that sculpture we basically designed the whole bar.”

Tangled Metal Fixture

a tangled mess of metal above the bar

Soothing light fixtures and bright accent colors on the walls in both the bar and the restaurant softens up the gritty mix of metal and wood furniture and architecture. Even though these two buildings are separate, the owners wanted to incorporate the same ideas in both designs so that the lot is tied together.

“We made it so it doesn’t look like two completely different spaces, it kind of looks like one concept,” says Kelly.

Kelly and his team of owners put together quite an atmosphere close to the heart of Downtown Phoenix and as more people discover how “bliss”ful this place can be, they’ll definitely “re”turn for another round.

If you have any other interesting locations in Phoenix you think I should cover, post a comment!

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